Highroad is a unique innovation center focused in the landscape of smart transportation and smart city.

Highroad is an innovation home for startups and entrepreneurship in the fields of smart city and smart transportation. We actively facilitate technological, business and financial support for early-stage start-ups and initiatives we believe we can truly contribute to.

Our vision is to harness our vast experience, acquired over the years, in both transportation industry and start-up scene, thus helping ventures to grow, having access to profound knowledge, leading professional individuals, connections and strategic capital. Highroad operates innovation programs specifically designed to match the team and the venture’s DNA and needs.

Highroad was founded by PGL, a leading Israeli company in the fields of GIS, transportation, traffic and road planning. PGL has decades of diverse experience and many clients such as government, public and private enterprises, both in Israel and abroad. PGL has joined forces with indihub Group, a partnership of professional entrepreneurs with a wide hands-on experience in the start-up world. Together we are aiming to provide entrepreneurs with counseling, guidance and true eye-to-eye escort to make them succeed.

Founding and Managing Team

Thses are the people in charge of reinventing our everyday life

Dov Hoffman


Eyal Hoffman

Managing Partner

Guy Zaks

Business Development Director

Eliran Binman

Business Development Director

PGL In Numbers

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