Aura Smart Air is a company that has developed a unique smart system for managing, monitoring and actively controlling the indoor air quality. The uniqueness of the product lies in its real-time monitoring, detecting and analysing abilities, combining both indoor and outdoor data…

EVCO has developed an independent and highly innovative shock absorber capable of providing the vehicle with a high quality and comfortable ride while maintaining stabil- ity, performance and grip without compromising the quality of the ride.

Powhere is developing a smart and powerful Electric Vehicle Charging Assistant that makes public charging stations easily accessible to drivers, while providing ongoing optimized charging recommendations. Basically – we take the hassle out of EV charging!

ACiiST’s distributed-network algorithms upgrade existing lamp posts to broadband IoT asset, at a fraction of the cost, a non-disruptive installation, higher reliability, redundancy and security, no RF pollution and easier scalability.

Telicomm breaks through Traditional, Limited Cellular Bandwidth Boundaries, by Enabling Camera Connectivity via Cellular Networks. Our mission: connect thousands of city cameras in a single day!

Slyde is the all-in-one transportation workspace. Slyde equips administrators with the ability to monitor, manage and optimize their operations all the while increasing safety and providing them with a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Civdrone develops an autonomous, fast and reliable land surveying marking solutions for the construction industry. The drone physically inserts smart IoT stakes coded with precise instructions for the builders on site.

Roadsense is developing advanced studs for smart-road infrastructure which can fit to both smart cities and highways, enabling conversion of any road to a smart road at a reasonable cost in order to enhance safety significantly and connect with vehicles.

ITC is an adaptive AI based traffic light management system. The system does real-time analysis of the intersection situation, then process the data, recognize cars accumulation pattern and constantly adjusting the traffic light timing, assuring minimum waiting time at the intersection.


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