Mentors & Advisors

These are just a few of the mentors and advisors in our ever-growing ecosystem...

Haggai Barel

Read more I am currently the CEO and co-founder of DEEP It an Israeli Startup. DEEP uses AI and “practical machine learning” technologies to create contextual visual storytelling elements, including semi-automated video production.
Before DEEP, I co-founded Orca Interactive in 1995, a startup focusing on the delivery of video over IP networks. Orca grew to be one of the leading IPTV players in the world; the company went public in London in 2004. I led as CEO until it was finally acquired by Orange (France Telecom).
Born and raised in Tel Aviv, after high school I served in a navy commando unit in the IDF before earning a degree in computer science at Tel Aviv College.
Away from the office, I enjoy raising three sons – Raz, Amitai, and Yotam – and traveling with my wife Dikla, especially on scuba diving and off-road safaris.

Dr. Shmuel Yerushalmi

Entrepreneurship Pioneer
Read more Dr. Yerushalmi is not one you can summarize his life in a few lines.
He arrived in Israel as an electronics technician and three years later (1959) he joined the Weizmann Institute of Science.
During 17 years he performed applied research in the field of bio-medical engineering, while obtaining a B.Sc. Electrical Engineering at the Technion and both M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Physics from the Graduate School of the Weizmann Institute.
After that for the next 15 years he was with the Israeli medical instrumentation industry, holding management positions (VP for R&D, Engineering and Quality Assurance); along this period he was also a staff member for 3 years of a leading investment corporation in Israel, responsible for company's investment in the field of medical technology products.
Since 1991 he became the CEO, from its inception, of the Kiryat Weizmann Technological Incubator (ITEK) and managed it for the next 11 years, creating 37 start-ups.
From January 2002 he is active as an independent International Consultant in the field of Entrepreneurial Incubation and Technological Marketing.
Along these years, he was also busy as a member of several committees of the Israel Standards Institute, was the Secretary General of the Israel Society for Medical and Biological Engineering, member of several committees of the International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering, Secretary General and member of the Organizing Committee in several International Conferences and member of the Editorial Board of Medical Progress through Technology (Springer).
He is also the author of many scientific papers, lectures and seminars, and holds 8 international patents of medical devices.
Since 2005 he is also a Board member of the Israel-Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was the Chairman of the Israel-Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and is currently the Honorary Chairman of the Chamber.

Yoav Degani

Read more Yoav is a self-proclaimed startup addict - a serial entrepreneur who’s raised millions in VC funding and sold one of his companies to Verizon, Yoav devotes much of his time to advising rising stars and startups at the very beginning of their journey.
Yoav has the unique ability to see road ahead and help plot out strategies in business, marketing, partnerships and product - tying them all together neatly in an executable action plan from the very first mile to the finish line.
Yoav is a seasoned speaker on entrepreneurship, startups and innovation.
His credo is - “The secret to living is giving” (Tony Robbins.)

Oz Goren

Read more Oz has extensive experience in Marketing, Business Development and R&D, large to small international companies in Communication networks, Control, Payment systems, Internet, Crowdsourcing, Social Networks.
Professional manager business acumen with excellent leadership and interpersonal skills, focused on business success, technology, quality, customer oriented and profit.

Daniel Avital

Read more An experienced entrepreneur with over a decade of experience founding and managing mass adoption tools and data-intensive optimization platforms. Founder and CEO of Dtscout, a prominent behavioral data analytics company that serves most leading media platforms, with data from more than 190 geographies, obtained from more than a million websites that use Dtscout affiliated tools.
In recent years much of the new entrepreneurial activity has been shifting towards the design of sustainable and scalable architectures of functional system, through the synergy of blockchain methodologies with off-chain high throughput technologies.
Daniel specializes in streamlining scaling and dynamic optimization through building architectures that are supportive by design of automation and distillation of value out of available and accessible data assets.

Yoni Raz

Business Plans
Read more B.Sc in Biotechnology and M.B.A. Investment manager in Excellence, formerly a senior investment analyst in Union Bank.
Yoni has a rich record in the fields of debs and stock, portfolio management, investment consulting and decision system guidance.
Escorting startups and specializes in many fields, among which are Technology, Real Estate and Bio-Med, while assisting in building financial programs and business programs.

Dr. Eyal Ashbel

Transportation, Models and GIS
Read more Eyal is currently the head of transportation division in PGL and a lecturer in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
He is a big data analytics professional with a passion for digging into large data sets and extracting knowledge through data analysis, management, and visualization. More than 15 years of experience in research and development of data mining techniques specializing in the field of spatial dynamics.
Hands on experience in the development of data driven solutions based on innovative algorithms, spatial modeling and predictive modeling.
Extensive experience in leading professional teams. I pride myself on my ability to see the big picture, clearly define project goals and transform them into a clear and comprehensive work plan, combining the skills of all team members and motivating them to solve the challenges and deliver results on time.

Yuval Eitan

Product Management
Read more Yuval is a seasoned Product Management expert, with 10 years' experience helping companies reach their set business goals.
Over the last decade, he has worked on a variety of B2C & B2B products, serving tens of millions of users on almost every form of digital platform.
He has implemented Product Management methodologies in companies of all sizes, optimizing both product performance and organizational efficiency in the process.
Like you, he values elegant and simple solutions for complicated business and technical problems. He strives to empower teams to reach such solutions.

Ronit Amir-Yaniv

Read more Ronit heads the antitrust team of the firm.
Ronit represents local and international clients in regulatory approvals for mergers and acquisitions, restrictive trade agreements, compliance programs as well as in criminal investigations and representation before the Restrictive Trade Practices Tribunal.
In addition Ronit has vast experience in a broad cross-section of commercial matters as well as general commercial litigation and investment transactions.
Ronit also offers legal advice in the fields of sports and elections, and has published several articles relating to these areas.
Ronit serves as chairperson of the ICC Israel Executive Committee. She is also a member in the Commercial, Competition and Antitrust and Environment Committees (global committees) of ICC. Ronit heads the Israeli ICC competition and antitrust committee and serves as chairman of the board of ICC Israel and chairman of the board of the New Arbitration Institute for commercial disputes between Israel-Palestinian business entities.

Michal Luzzatto

Intellectual Property & Patents
Read more Michal is the managing partner at Luzzatto Law Firm (a member of The Luzzatto Group), and holds an LL.B, as well as a BA in business management, specializing in marketing both summa cum laude.
Michal has an extensive experience in working with and advising to inventors, entrepreneurs and start-up companies, specializing in commercial, internet, communications and IP laws.
In addition to her managing role and her professional work, Michal is an experienced entrepreneur herself, currently managing a successful photography and design business.

Inbal Lev Boussidan

Commercialization & Grants
Read more Inbal manages the hi-tech, entrepreneurship and startups department in her Firm using her many years of experience and expertise in accompanying innovative initiatives and providing legal consultation and strategic planning for hundreds of Israeli and international ventures.
Inbal also specializes in the commercialization of technologies from the idealization, intellectual property protection, identification of target markets, business model design, implementation of strategic cooperation, mergers and acquisitions.
Inbal has many years of experience in representing academic, governmental and private entities in the process of promoting, assimilating and implementing innovation, using creative legal and business models, and building and running accelerators and investment funds.

Miron Scheuermann

Information Systems & Management
Read more With nearly 30 years experience in information technology, Miron has an extensive know-how of the various operations, analysis and implementation of information systems in both an organizational and cross-organizational fashion.
He is also versed in financial and infrastructural planning, budget allocation, data protection and security, the operations of IT support and customer service centers and forming work procedures and protocols.

Adi Ben-Nun

Read more Adi is a GIS specialist who takes a wide view of the whole system.
He has been a technical manager of the GIS center at the Hebrew University where he teaches, and support research projects.
At the private sector he has served as a CTO in several startups.

Dr. Amatzia Samkai

Business & Economic Strategy
Read more Amatzia is a specialist in business and economic strategy, with a PhD in Economics from Bar-Ilan University.
He is also the economic commentator for "Israel Hayom", the most widely distributed newspaper in Israel and a lecturer in the Department and Economics in Bar-Ilan University.
Before all of those, he was the head of the economic division of 15 analysts in and Economic Consultants firm, with two departments: Economic and strategic consulting and Capital markets.

Gidi Shalom Bendor

Valuation & Financial Consulting
Read more Gigi has an extensive career as a co-founding and serving as CEO of several companies, including being a partner at DB Investment House where he initiated and led the professional service group and over 30 years of experience in management and R&D, particularly in high-tech and bio-tech companies. Gidi founded S-Cube in 2008. Since founding S-Cube, Gideon has performed and supervised over 2,000 valuations, serving clients ranging from small closely held businesses to large multinational companies. Gideon has participated in a wide variety of valuation engagements for tax planning and compliance, shares as per the requirements of Section 409A of the IRS, valuation of employee stock options, purchase price allocation (PPA) studies and more. Since founding S-Cube, Gideon has participated and led events and seminars regarding various aspects of valuations and investments as well as performing lectures in top accounting and law firms in Israel. Gideon served for almost 12 years in a variety of management positions at Apple Computer at their headquarters in California and in Israel.

Ronit Glasman

Marketing & International BizDev
Read more Ronit is an experienced business development expert who specializes in strategic planning, innovation and international relationship.
The focus of her work is in corporate, business, brands and identity strategies, development and project management in areas of SR programs, culture, events, sport and innovation.
Ronit heads the marketing and business development of the IFA and leading projects of SR within the organization along with acting as a member of the Executive Committee of "Values in Sport".
On the international level Ronit act as a UEFA Match Delegate since 2015 an expert and adviser to international conferences including a KISS Workshop Marketing Expert at UEFA.
Over the past decade, Ronit has held a number of positions in local and international football industry, events and local brands including:
The establishment of the marketing and sales dep. of The Sport Palaces of Tel Aviv Yafo Ltd., Company. The Company specializes in the management, operation, development and establishment of sports and cultural facilities. Head of promotion, marketing and commercial rights management of the European Championship until the age of 21, Israel 2013 on behalf of the Organizing Committee.
Professional advisor to Israeli teams on their professional path and in the management of international matches at European competition, A Board member of the Hapoel Tel Aviv football club, director of the sports department at local leading ticket office,and more. Strategic consulting and rebranding for the Forte and Zoom art galleries offline and online activities and more. Skills and professional activity focuses on business development in a variety of areas, building marketing strategy, international relations, global brand management, business partners, innovation development and implantation, promotion and assimilation of sports technologies, project management. Strong commercial oriented with a DFM of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Football Management focused in Football Management from IDHEAP.

Gili Cohen

Stragtegy & Branding
Read more

Gal Baysberg

P.R & Marketing
Read more Gal has extensive experience in public relations and spokesmanship, an expert in building client strategy for building adjusted and original working plans.
37 years old Baysberg, already has some impressive achievements. He is leading bold and creative processes, which are masterpieces.
Baysberg has established a company is his image - creative, thinking, puts the client in the center and leading him to impressive results in a short period of time, while devoting to the client's needs, understanding his goals and structuring a way of work to maximally utilizing all of these parameters.
Baysberg is a rare combination of sharp mind, big heart and original thinking.

Shay Etedgi

Art, Branding & UI/UX
Read more Shay is a talented art director with a wide and various experience in digital branding and design, mostly with high-tec companies and startups.
He is the founder and manager of Nvrmnd Digital Agency, which specializes in all aspects of art and design, especially for high-tech companies and startups.
Shay has a unique style and profound understanding of market trends, thus making him and expert in branding and design.

Eliran Doron

Digital Marketing
Read more A marketing professional with years of marketing experience under my belt and currently employed as a marketing consultant to various organizations.
I am the founder & CEO of ALIOS - new media marketing company specialized in search engine optimization and social networks. The company’s ability to target a certain relevant audience, to zoom in and focus the marketing campaign, and to expose relevant information to those who will consume it reduces costs, produces more leads and helping projects maximize their online marketing campaign potential.
As well as being the CEO of ALIOS I’m currently working as head of marketing at PipelBiz, a new Israeli crowdfunding platform aimed to help small businesses enjoy the relevance and common interest of the crowd that invested in them.