The Values

Highroad’s Partnerships Program is designed to fit every potential stakeholder within the ecosystem according to their unique needs – multinational corporations, large organizations, investors, government entities, municipalities, etc.

We provide our partners with the tools they need to better understand the urban tech market and adopt change-driving innovations within their organizations, to really make a change. We are also constantly exposing them to different opportunities within our ecosystem.

A Tier for Every One

The program consists of 3 tiers, depending on the depth of the relationship and thoroughness of the process the partner is interested in – from presenting ongoing opportunities, through periodic reports and participation within the process, all the way to tailored commercialization and PoC program.

Let’s partner up…

If you’re a corporation in the look for solutions for any existing requirements or needs you might have, a municipality that sees the value in implementing cutting-edge technologies, an investor who believes in the potential of disrupting daily lives, or if you simply find interest in our Partners Program for any other reason, you are more than welcome to contact us through our contact form or send us an email at [email protected]